3 Feb 2012

Blowing your nose in public

No problem, if you are a German! :)

This is one of the first things that made an impression on me when I came here (and it will probably impress you, too!). Germans love to blow their noses in all possible places! It is quite normal for a university professor to interrupt his lecture in order to blow his nose in front of everyone. He may try to hide it a bit, but you cannot hide the noise, buddy.

You can hear people blowing their noses everywhere: on the bus, in a restaurant, in the office, on the street... This is quite normal here, so don't make a face or complain, just get used to it.

I admit I still cannot blow my nose in front of anyone. I need running water and the comfort of my own bathroom. Maybe it is a thing specific to me or to Bulgarians in general or maybe it is just Germans who are so open-minded.

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