5 Feb 2012

German internet usage

I was just watching Galileo on Pro7 and here are some interesting statistics on Internet usage in Germany:

- almost 75% of Germans over 14 years use the internet
- most of them are male
- on the average, the German spends 2 hours a day surfing, which is 5 weeks in a year (or one complete vacation)
- 50% of users surf during their working hours; this costs the German state 50 Million Euro per year, because its officials are surfing

- the energy needed for the internet in Germany (including the servers) can supply 2.5 Million one-family houses for a year or 4 coal power stations could be shut down if there were no internet

- 50% of users also use Facebook, most of them in Berlin
- Germans post 3 contents per day and have on the average 130 friends

- Wikipedia has 3.5 Million pages in German

- Germans give around 500 Euro per year for online shopping
- they most buy books, tickets and travels

- Germans send 40 E-mails per day, which would mean 1 Billion Euro for postage costs if that were letters
- 80% of this is spam

- every 7th German is registered in an online dating site
- 1/3 of those find a partner
- 1/3 of separations have as a cause social networks

Pretty interesting! Comments?

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