5 Feb 2012


If you are living in a residential area like me, you have probably noticed that on Sundays there is not a single soul on the street. Where are all those Germans? I have no explanation for that... Where I come from, you can always see people on the streets, even on Sundays!
In my area, going on the street on Sundays is like going to the cemetery.

It is another topic that Sunday is an official work holiday, i.e. NOTHING (except cafes and restaurants) works on Sunday: no grocery store, no pharmacy, no retail store of any kind. This is also one of the things I will never understand. I am sure that there are people who would like to work on Sunday. The German economy loses billions every Sunday, but I guess currently it doesn't need additional growth.

Are you also pissed that nothing works on Sundays? Leave a comment!

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