12 Feb 2012

Deutsche Post

The German Postal service is a huge organization. It owns not only the normal postal services, but also DHL. PostBank aslo used to be part of the company, but after several postal reforms that started in 1989 the previous Bundespost was split into Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Post and Postbank. The Bundespost itself was created in 1950 as the follow-up version of the Reichspost (before the war). 

The beginnings of the German Post were already in 1490. The "creator" was Franz von Taxis. Since then, naturally, there has been a lot of development. In 1969 three Americans grounded DHL; the letters stand for their family names. From 1998 until 2002 the Deutsche Post bought out  DHL completely. In the meantime (2000), the mother-company went public with its Initial Public Offering at the stock exchange.

Enough history. In 2010 the Deutsche Post brought to the market the so-called E-Brief, of which I am also a proud user. You simply sign up online, go to a postal office to verify your identity and from then on, you can send and receive letters via your own Deutsche Post e-mail. The good thing is that you can send it online and the Post will print it and deliver it to the destination! And this at the price of a normal letter. This "e-mail" that you send is accepted as an official letter and can be used to cancel your internet contract, car insurance and so on! 
On top of that you can send and receive fax to your own private DP number! This service is really great! 

The Packstation is another innovation (although 10 years on the market): if you need to send or receive a parcel, but you are working all day and cannot make it in the normal opening hours, you can register for it and conveniently do it when you have the time!

Did you know?

  • In 2011, 95% of Deutsche Post customers were happy with the services!
  • On average, it takes 1 day for a letter to be delivered in Germany
  • While many things go up in price, the normal letter got 2% cheaper from 1997 until 2010
  • There are 13.000 branches, 7.000 sales points, 2.500 Packetstations and around 110.000 letterboxes in Germany

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