12 Feb 2012

Germans and cold weather

I was out today in the cold at minus 10 degrees. It seemed I was the only one who found it extremely cold! It was also windy and the felt temperature was definitely below minus 15! After 5 minutes outside, I was already feeling pain from the cold, but the Germans on the street were happily walking around. 

I also saw girls without any scarfs and with unzipped jackets. I could not believe my eyes!

Germans are used to the cold and feel comfortable with it. There was a swimming competition a few weeks ago and some of the swimmers had no heat-preserving swimsuits. They were getting out of the freezing waters of the Danube and calmly drinking tea, after having swam for 20-25 minutes.

An interesting sight in winter are the blankets most cafes put out, so that their clients can wrap themselves and sit in the cold. I would not sit and drink coffee in the cold, no sir! Another way of warming up outside, used by bars or cafes, are the special gas burners, which look like huge metal umbrellas. 

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1 comment:

  1. I agree. Nobody seemed to be bundled up like us foreigners. These Germans must have thick skin! I WAS FREEZING!!