7 Feb 2012


What is it?
It means garbage separation. In other words, each specific kind of garbage has its own container and is picked up at different times of the month.

What types of garbage are there?
There is biological waste (simply known as Biomüll), which is collected in dark green containers. The most common bio waste are of course the food rests. If your Bio container is a long way from you (for example, on the street and you live on the second floor), you can get paper bags for free from your local grocery store. In this way, you can collect this trash until it is enough to merit getting down to the street :)

Paper and glass are also collected separately. Some German families find the paper container too expensive and don't have it. They use the containers at their workplaces or dump their paper directly at the collection company. 
Glass is collected in large green containers with holes for each type: green glass, brown, white, etc. Those containers are found in each neighborhood and people know their locations.

All kind of wrappings, cans, nylon bags and tetra packs are collected in the so-called Gelber Sack. This is collected every two weeks from in front of your house. All you have to do is fill it, tie it and leave it in front on the day of the pickup. The local waste management companies distribute the yellow garbage bags and the neighborhood schedules free of charge.

Why is it important?
Germans are environment freaks and if you mess up your garbage separation, it can be interpreted as a crime against the environment. So, be careful where you put your trash!

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