7 Feb 2012

The Wulff Affair

Everyone in Germany is currently wondering until when can the President stay in his position. Apparently, Angela Merkel is already looking for a replacement. I give you below a short chronology of the scandal as I read it on Focus.

October 2008
Christian Wulff gets 500.000 Euro as a private credit from an entrepreneur to buy a house.

February 2010
Wulff declares in front of the Parliament of Lower-Saxony (PLS) that he and the entrepreneur have had no business relationships in the past 10 years.

December 2011
Wulff tries to persuade the Chief Editor of Bild not to publish research into how he financed his private house. On the next day, Bild reports that Wulff could have misled the PLS. Nevertheless, Merkel says that she trusts Wulff completely. 
Wulff expresses in a written form that his private credit has created the "wrong impression". The entrepreneur in question states that the credit is between his wife and Wulff. 
Later in November, Bild reports that during his campaign in 2007, Wulff has received donations from another businessman. Wulff says that he didn't know about that. 

Follow accusations about interests conflicts while Wulff was in the Supervisory board of Volkswagen. Other accusations were that the president was using Miles and More bonus miles (acquired during business trips) to pay private Lufthansa flights.

So, the accusations keep piling and everyone wonders until when he can stay in office...

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