5 Feb 2012


Germany is full of paid parking garages, but it seems parking places are never enough here.

Types of parking
There are many multi-storey parking houses in Germany, as Germans like to use space rationally.  The normal open-air parkings are few and depending on the area one lives in. Naturally, for big cities like Munich, Berlin, Frankfurt and Hamburg the closed multi-level parkings are a must.

Depending on the city: from 2-3 Euro per hour up to 5-10. Free parking is also possible and there are usually signs on the streets telling you on which day of the week and during which hours you can park for free. Always use a Parkuhr, showing the inspecting official when you came! Some paid inner city parking places also let you park for free after a certain hour and during the weekend.

Wrong parking
Simply don't do it if you dont want to pay a fine of 15 Euro! And yes, parking on the opposite side of the street (towards incoming traffic) is also considered wrong parking.
Also don't be tempted to park in front of residental blocs or houses: the owners will remove your vehicle and you will even have to pay for the removal.

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  1. Hi,
    Escuse me, is the fine amount 15 euro or more?

    1. When I paid it 2 weeks ago, it was 15 Euro... :)

      This can vary through the Länder, but it shouldn't be much higher than that.

      I had parked on the wrong side of the street, towards incoming traffic...I cannot do parallel parking... :)

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