5 Feb 2012


What is it?
Every 2-3 weeks (in some regions monthly), comes the day when the Germans are throwing out their old furniture. As it is quite bulky (hence the name Sperrmüll), it cannot be just put in the Gelber Sack ;) Try fitting a couch in a nylon garbage bag...

So, on this day, you can find all kinds of used furniture on the streets: sofas, chairs, cupboards, tables, you name it. 

Here is an example

What is it good for?
If you are a cash-strapped student, this is a good day for you to either make some money (by selling what you find to your fellow students) or to furnish your humble student room.

Don't worry about the furniture being dirty or too used: Germans usually throw their furniture when they decide to re-decorate their places. You can really find some good stuff on the street!

Don't get me wrong: I am not telling you to pick up crap from the streets, but if you look persistently enough for something you need on that particular day (and you are not ashamed to pick it up), there is a good chance to succeed.

Would you pick a good sofa from a street?

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