17 Feb 2012

The President is out!

In this advertisement, the car-renting company Sixt
says that you can also have fun without rich friends...
As I wrote some time ago, everyone in Germany was waiting for the moment when the President will quit his office. Well, the day has come and he is out!

My personal opinion is that this has taken too long and should have happened already in December 2011. As a foreigner, I have always thought that German politicians have a higher moral than all others and are simply non-corruptible. I was amazed to see, though, how impertinent and obnoxious Wulff could be. 
And what is more surprising is that Merkel expressed her deepest regret and said that Wulff has done a lot for the country. Yes, he did: he made Germany the laughing stock of the world...

The German prosecution will start the investigation already tomorrow. Obviously, they could not do it until now because the guy had immunity.

In his speech, he said that he has made "mistakes", but there was no apology! He also said that the complete scandal and news about it has hurt him and his wife. Well, you should have thought before taking all those advantages. 

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